Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kaniya Legal Directory?

Kaniya Legal Directory is an online legal directory for lawyers  who have been admitted to the Ghana Bar. Kaniya Legal Directory is fully compliant with the rules and regulations of the Ghana Bar Association. Kaniya Legal Directory also has an array of features for lawyers and non-lawyers, so start clicking!


Who can use Kaniya Legal Directory?.

Lawyers who have been admitted to the Ghana Bar. Kaniya Legal Directory is also for Non-lawyers looking for verified Ghana lawyers.


What is Claim Profile?

We have tried to provide a complete data base of the names of qualified lawyers in Ghana, so lawyers can search for the profile/name and claim it.


Where can users see their pending claims?

Users can view all the claim requests they’ve submitted in ‘User Dashboard > My Listings > View Claim Requests.’
Additionally, an email confirmation is sent each time a claim status changes.


Is legal advice provided by Kaniya Legal Directory?

No. Any advice given is provided by lawyers who have subscribed to be listed on Kaniya Legal Directory. Legal advice is given by lawyers and law firms registered on Kaniya Legal Directory. We are not responsible nor can we be held liable for any legal advice given by any lawyer or law firm registered on KLD.


Is Kaniya Legal Directory free for lawyers/law firms to use?

For lawyers, the basic package is free. However, if you want to have access to all the amazing features Kaniya Legal Directory has to offer, then take a look at our monthly subscription packages.


Is Kaniya Legal Directory free for non-lawyers to use?


Does Kaniya Legal Directory offer practice management advice and assistance?

Yes. Click on the Legal Practice Management link OR click here to discover the amazing services Legal Practice Management has to offer.


Can non-lawyers have direct access to the lawyer/ law firm?

Yes. If a client selects a lawyer/law firm’s profile the client can send an enquiry directly to the lawyer/firm.


Does Kaniya Legal Directory take a percentage of the fee agreed between the lawyer/firm and client?



Is the lawyer/firm obligated to provide legal services to a client from Kaniya Legal Directory?

No. However, we encourage the lawyer/firm to adhere to the rules regarding competency and receiving adequate fees for the services required. Where the lawyer/firm is unable provide the requested legal service, the client should be informed of the reasons why. Failure to do this may effect the potential rating/review from the client. Don’t forget, Kaniya Legal Directory is your opportunty to shine!


How does the lawyer/firm receive reviews and ratings?

The client has the option of leaving a review. Clients are encouraged to leave reviews and rating to assist future potential clients


How does the lawyer/firm receive payment from the client?

It is up to the lawyer to agree a fee and payment method with the client. However, we recommend lawyers use KaniyaPay. Click here for more information about KaniyaPay